duty – faith – love – power – revenge

War. Only you five of the original nine defenders remain. The war began five years ago, when you were all friends – you have not seen each other since it started.

Succession. You are the Empress’ greatest allies – her husband, her cousin, her uncle, her sister-in-law, and her personal champion. The Empress has now died.

Defeat. Each of your once great armies is decimated, the empire in tatters. Your retreat ends at the Fortress – the last stronghold.

A two session character-driven fantasy game for five players.

Updated for the Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 rules.

Written by Stephen (Sly) Gryphon & Nick Kabilafkas


Copyright © 1994-2004 Stephen (Sly) Gryphon and Nick Kabilafkas.

This scenario contains Open Game Content in Appendix II and III, which may be used and distributed freely under the Open Gaming License.

The rest of the scenario is copyright Stephen (Sly) Gryphon and Nick Kabilafkas, however permission is given to download a copy and print the scenario, handouts and characters in order to run the scenario at home. If you wish to run the scenario at a public convention, please contact us and let us know. (You are also welcome to contact us with any comments if you run the scenario at home.)